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Stephen Thomas Just isn't A Convicted Legal! False ALLEGATIONS TPT Worldwide Tech...

Stephen thomas tpt global tech

This law agency signifies TPT World Tech and Stephen Thomas. Accusations of wrongdoing, felony investigations and convictions are made by a Roger Goldman who promises Mr. Thomas we identified guilty in a very �state court� in Sierra Leone and sentence to pay 3 million Le ($300 USD) and he spent one calendar year in jail. Around the several years Mr. Goldman has manufactured a lot of allegations of this type, all of which might be unsubstantiated and untrue.

Stephen thomas tpt global tech

We now have been unable to uncover any document of Mr. Thomas ever been investigated through the FBI,IRS or any governing administration entity nor has he at any time been convicted of any crime. It appears Mr. Goldman, who is unwilling to provide his actual location, could be a debt collector that's harassing Mr. Thomas around a debts that were never owed by Mr. Thomas. More, Mr. Goldman is asked to reveal his location in order that he may be served which has a lawsuit also to substantiate his allegations. Once again Mr. Goldman, who is believed being hiding in Israel or Russia has declined to present himself for evaluation.

Considering that Mr. Goldman is offering phony and defamatory statements in opposition to Mr. Thomas, we have been thoroughly prepared to convey an action versus Mr. Goldman for all statements underneath California Civil Code sections 44, 45a, 46, et. seq. The moment Mr. Goldman offers himself and provides his address, the statements will probably be filed. Right until such time, please note, all Mr. Goldman�s statements are bogus, defamatory and actionable underneath California Legislation.

Post by stephenthomas8 (2016-11-09 12:30)

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